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Acquired for Alexandra Juhasz's doctoral dissertation, which then became her book entitled "AIDS TV." Although initially digitized for Alex's Fall 2018 VHS Archives class, her Spring 2020 VHS Archives class has found particular interest in this…

Compilation tape of documentary and ethnographic film for teaching. The Police Tapes is a 1977 documentary about a New York City police precinct in the South Bronx. Video in the Villages organizes indigenous workshops in training and production.…

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One of three documentaries I made for GMHC's "Living with AIDS" cable tv show. All three exhibit a sustained commitment to an "intersectional" approach to understanding and representing the AIDS crisis when considering the experiences of women.

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Three tapes made for paid gigs for the feminist Center for Family Life Education, a leader in youth education about sexuality. Quite recently, the project manager, Hillary Mushkin, a peer at the time of their production, has reentered my orbits, now…

I made this video for a paid gig for Planned Parenthood, Bergen County, NJ, for the feminist Center for Family Life Education. Getting paid for the work on this video allowed me to go to Europe for the first time.

A project I produced with other filmmakers and activists in a collective focusing on the challenges and possibilities of representation of abolition, women, and prison.

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Made with Jean Carlomusto for the Gay Men's Health Crisis' "Living with AIDS" show, a weekly cable show on public access. Starring collaborator Carol Leigh. Carol was a subject of my book and documentary, Women of Vision.

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV." Digitized for my VHS Archives class, Fall 2018. Made by my friend and collaborator, Alisa Lebow for the New York Anti-Discrimination AIDS Task Force where she worked…

From television show "The Eleventh Hour - Art and AIDS," acquired as research for my dissertation and book, AIDS TV. Digitized for my course, VHS Archives.

This documentary examines critical junctures in the battle for access to HIV treatment as the poorest and most marginalized individuals confront larger powers, including governments, corporate bodies and a multinational drug industry that is…

Scarlot Harlot attends San Francisco's Take Back the Night (December 1990), a march in remembrance of the fourteen female college students murdered in the previous year's Montreal Massacre. Clashes and controversy emerge between sex workers and…

Carol is a longtime collaborator and friend. She was a subject of my Women of Vision, and we included her in Compulsive Practice (2016). Safe sex national anthem music video by sex worker activist, comedian, and artist, Scarlot Harlot.

Featured at…

Red Red Red is a personal and political film about a law in Iowa that severely limits the social liberties of people with HIV. Eclectic in the presentation of its rhetoric, the film also considers broader questions like the contemporary state of…

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV. Digitized for my VHS Archives class, Fall 2018.

Gift from filmmaker. Enid was a frequent collaborator as an editor and artist, and one of my favorite video artists of the 1990s. She edited my documentaries, Dear Gabe and Video Remains. She continues making art that links to the sciences focusing…

I produced this short narrative film for my friend and colleague, Erin Cramer, who I met in the Whitney ISP program."Bad Bosses" begins at 00:09:36.

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My second attempt at an AIDS video support group, sponsored by the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force, and working with Sharon Penceal at an AIDS support group at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn. I write about the strengths and failures of this video in AIDS TV.

Acquired for research for my doctoral dissertation, then monograph, AIDS TV. Digitized for my VHS Archives class, Fall 2018.

Juanita Mohammed Szczepanski is a community video artist and activist.
She uses inexpensive camcorder video technology to respond to the needs of those who matter to her. In her work at GMHC in New York City, Mohammed Szczepanski makes educational…

I made three tapes for the Gay Men's Health Crisis, under the supportive leadership of Jean Carlomusto. A great deal of important AIDS activist and educational video work was done there. This is one of the first videos made about this issue. It was…

In "Sex in an Epidemic," Jean Carlomusto, a doyenne of AIDS activist video, creates a haunting and elegiac history of US safer sex (video) activism and education. Taking up (and using clips from) Carlomusto’s earliest activist work for GMHC’s…

United in Anger: A History of ACT UP is an inspiring documentary about the birth and life of the AIDS activist movement from the perspective of the people in the trenches fighting the epidemic. Utilizing oral histories of members of ACT UP, as well…

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Compilation of works acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV" by friends and colleagues in the AIDS activist video movement. A Part of Me is a portrait of for GMHC's Living with AIDS Show, 1993. Featuring Alida…

Compilation of dubs for teaching. Lavendar Limelight is a documentary about queer film histsory. Couple in a cage is by Coco Fusco, a friend and colleague who supported me in the beginning of my career by helping me get a large grant for We Care when…

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Documents the AIDS Education work of Mildred Pearson, a middle-aged black woman who cared for her gay son when he was dying of AIDS. Produced by the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force, where I later collaborated on the WAVE Project.

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV. I continue to teach and learn from this film, a compelling use of the home video camera, and self-reflexive gaze to understand AIDS, love, and death.

Two films I taught with for years by African American woman filmmakers. Julie Dash went on to make Daughter of the Dust. A Place of Rage is a celebration of African American women.

Gift from filmmaker Susan Mogul. She was one of the subjects of my documentary, Women of Vision, and I also brought her often to Pitzer college to screen her tapes. She became a colleague and friend.

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV." Made by my friends and compatriots in the AIDS activist video collective, Testing the Limits, many of who were in the Whitney ISP program before me.

Gift from the filmmaker. We went to the Whitney Indepdenent Studio together in the 1980s and I brought her to Pitzer in the early 2000s to show her work. I follow her current work on immigration and the environment.

My doctoral research project. A community-based video made by and for urban women of color in a video support group. I wrote AIDS TV about this project and its relation to AIDS representation at that point in history.

A wordless comment on legislation affecting the human body, including pornography, obscenity, prostitution, and sodomy laws, as well as Roe vs. Wade, Webster, and the Helms Act. Some film footage shot in New York City at the AIDS ACT UP…

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV." Digitized for my VHS Archives class, Fall 2018. Made by AIDS Films as part of a significant early effort to get high-production films about AIDS and minority…

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV." Digitized for my VHS Archives class, Fall 2018. The first feature film made about women and AIDS by my friend and colleague, Amber Hollibaugh.

I taught this film for many years. It felt utterly cutting edge to me, primarily for its no-holds-barred attack on racism from Sandra Bernhard's debased position of whiteness. It's cheeky queerness also felt utterly new in its time.

This is a critical contribution to the history of feminist documentary, as it is situated within activist film. It links the women's movement to contemporaneous organizing and thinking about class and race, and understands access to filmmaking and…

Intoxicating, moving, brilliant entre into bohemain NY by one of experimental cinema's giants.

This dub was a gift to me from another Professor at Pitzer so that I could use it to teach women's and feminist film. Not sure I ever did.

I taught this series for many years as a strong representation of the possibilities for community-based, collective, activist youth video. It seems to also have some of the TV show Absolutely Fabulous recorded from TV on to the same tape.

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This is a dub from TV. I taught this series for many years as a strong representation of the possibilities for community-based, collective, activist youth video.

I believe this dub was a gift to me from another professor to be used for research on my documentary and book, "Women of Vision." She was a successful woman director during the silence period.

I teach this film in feminist documentary because of its groudbreaking integration of documetary and fiction as well as for Gomez's important role as a woman filmmaker within Third cinema.

Dub of VHS filmed from 16mm print projected on a wall. I taught this film frequently in feminist film classes.

Gift from filmmaker; I met him working on an activist media project on diversity and identity in the 1990s.

Video used for teaching race in documentary.

gift from filmmaker. Sam is the daughter of my friend and colleague, Faye Ginsburg, who gave me the video to teach with.

Someone gave this to me to teach with, I'm not sure I ever did, and know little about it. At Pitzer, I was a strong champion for both Ethnic Studies and Affirmative Action.

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Gift from Gina Lamb, director of REACH LA at the time. Don't believe I ever watched this.

Gift from filmmaker. Yvonne is my longtime friend and collaborator. I teach her films frequently in courses on feminist, queer, and documentary film. She was one of the subjects for my project, Women of Vision. Later yet we co-edited the scholarly…

Gift from filmmaker. Elisabeth is a friend, colleague, and queer feminist experimental compatriot. She wrote about this film for the book I co-edited with Jesse Lerner, "F is For Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing" (University of Minnesota…
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