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Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV from distributor.

Gift from filmmaker. Elspeth was a friend and colleague who I met through activist AIDS video, and documentary studies. She died tragically in her 40s. 

Gift from filmmaker. Isaac is a friend and colleague. His work on AIDS and black queer representation has been formative to my own production and thinking. I taught this. The poster from the film was used as set decor in The Watermelon Woman.

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Taped from TV for teaching and research about AIDS media, for my dissertation and then my book AIDS TV.Basketball star Magic Johnson speaks to kids about living with AIDS in this Nickelodeon News Special Edition.

Acquired for Alexandra Juhasz's doctoral dissertation, which then became her book entitled "AIDS TV." Although initially digitized for Alex's Fall 2018 VHS Archives class, her Spring 2020 VHS Archives class has found particular interest in this…
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