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Made as part of the WAVE project: clips from the various excercises we did to learn how to make video, and learn more about AIDS and each other.

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Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV." Made by my friend and colleague, Juanita Mohammed Sczepanski for GMHC's Living with AIDS Show. I continue to work with Juanita, and recently included her in Compulsive…

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV.A portrait of a mother taking care of her son who has been diagnosed with AIDS. Voiceover interview recorded on May 19th, 1988 at the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force in honor of…

Composite reel of tapes acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV. Dubs of tapes I made to review. Not sure what the last one is.

Self Protection: Teen Mothers Expand their Options was made within a public program for young mothers. Activist music videos were made with Alexandra Juhasz, Brian Goldfarb, and the youth group for young mothers trying to finish high school.The songs…

Short videos made as part of the WAVE project which worked in an AIDS video collective to tell stories of urban women of color impacted by AIDS. The project is the subject of the final auto-ethnographic chapter of my disseration, AIDS TV. Digitized…
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