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One of three documentaries I made for GMHC's "Living with AIDS" cable tv show. All three exhibit a sustained commitment to an "intersectional" approach to understanding and representing the AIDS crisis when considering the experiences of women.

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Three tapes made for paid gigs for the feminist Center for Family Life Education, a leader in youth education about sexuality. Quite recently, the project manager, Hillary Mushkin, a peer at the time of their production, has reentered my orbits, now…

I made this video for a paid gig for Planned Parenthood, Bergen County, NJ, for the feminist Center for Family Life Education. Getting paid for the work on this video allowed me to go to Europe for the first time.

A project I produced with other filmmakers and activists in a collective focusing on the challenges and possibilities of representation of abolition, women, and prison.

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Made with Jean Carlomusto for the Gay Men's Health Crisis' "Living with AIDS" show, a weekly cable show on public access. Starring collaborator Carol Leigh. Carol was a subject of my book and documentary, Women of Vision.

I made three tapes for the Gay Men's Health Crisis, under the supportive leadership of Jean Carlomusto. A great deal of important AIDS activist and educational video work was done there. This is one of the first videos made about this issue. It was…

My doctoral research project. A community-based video made by and for urban women of color in a video support group. I wrote AIDS TV about this project and its relation to AIDS representation at that point in history.

My work: a short video introducing the themes and families who would be the subject of my feature on feminist queer families, including my own, Dear Gabe. The short premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002. It is about the Jewish babynaming…

An experimental video made from the real-time video that I shot with my best friend, James Robert Lamb, as he was dying from AIDS in 1991.

The first video I was paid to make in a summer internship during graduate school at the Department of Juvenile Justice. I had very few skills, but they were happy with the video. It was edited at the foundational NYC community-video center, DCTV,…

Self Protection: Teen Mothers Expand their Options was made within a public program for young mothers. Activist music videos were made with Alexandra Juhasz, Brian Goldfarb, and the youth group for young mothers trying to finish high school.The songs…
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