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The first video I was paid to make in a summer internship during graduate school at the Department of Juvenile Justice. I had very few skills, but they were happy with the video. It was edited at the foundational NYC community-video center, DCTV,…

Composite reel of tapes acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV. Dubs of tapes I made to review. Not sure what the last one is.

Short videos made as part of the WAVE project which worked in an AIDS video collective to tell stories of urban women of color impacted by AIDS. The project is the subject of the final auto-ethnographic chapter of my disseration, AIDS TV. Digitized…

My doctoral research project. A community-based video made by and for urban women of color in a video support group. I wrote AIDS TV about this project and its relation to AIDS representation at that point in history.
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