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Gift from the filmmaker. We went to the Whitney Indepdenent Studio together in the 1980s and I brought her to Pitzer in the early 2000s to show her work. I follow her current work on immigration and the environment.

I taught these films for years. Amazing proto-feminist experimental film

A film I taught with and still do because of Tajima's amazing mix of documentary, fiction, history, art, and feminism.

Gift from filmmaker for teaching and research.

Gift from filmmaker. Isaac is a friend and colleague. His work on AIDS and black queer representation has been formative to my own production and thinking. I taught this. The poster from the film was used as set decor in The Watermelon Woman.

Dub used only for teaching.

Illegal dub used only for teaching.

I was in this porno with Cheryl made by our friend Shu Lea Cheang. Because I was just starting in my first job as a professor, I asked to not be identifable. We screened it as part of the inter-generational programming, Collective Visions: The Past,…

Used for teaching a class on American indie cinema.

Dub for teaching bought at a swap meet. The Warhol foundation controls access to all his films, so obviously, this was and is an illegal dub.

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Purchased for teaching. I taught often with this collection at Pitzer College. It's a large compliation of the history of feminist video art.

Acquired as research for Women of Vision from the distributors. Yvonne was my teacher at the Whitney Independent Studio Program and a role model for a life as a feminist queer artist, as well as for her conceptual inspiration.

Carolee was one of the subjects of Women of Vision. She gave this and other tapes of her film and video work to me for B-roll. I recently re-interviewed her when she had a major retrospective in NYC at PS1. I went to her house upstate and had a…

Dub for research for Women of Vision acquired from distributor. I taped over a video with a box label reading: Riverside Art-4, Fall 97, Jacob Lind, which led to some initial confusion when the Brooklyn College Librarians and I were trying to make…

Gift from filmmaker. She is a friend and colleage and also wrote an essay for my collection "F is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing," co-edited with Jesse Lerner (University of Minnesota Press, 2006).

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A gift from the filmmaker. I received tapes like this over the years to teach, or write about, or program because of my research interests.

Gift from filmmaker. I think I wrote a letter of evaluation for Elisabeth at one point and may have acquired many of her films for this reason.

Gift from filmmaker. Enid was a frequent collaborator as an editor and artist, and one of my favorite video artists of the 1990s. She edited my documentaries, Dear Gabe and Video Remains. She continues making art that links to the sciences focusing…

Dub of VHS filmed from 16mm print projected on a wall. I taught this film frequently in feminist film classes.

Intoxicating, moving, brilliant entre into bohemain NY by one of experimental cinema's giants.
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