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I taught this film for many years. It felt utterly cutting edge to me, primarily for its no-holds-barred attack on racism from Sandra Bernhard's debased position of whiteness. It's cheeky queerness also felt utterly new in its time.

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Gift from Gina Lamb, director of REACH LA at the time. Don't believe I ever watched this.

Gift from filmmaker. I think I wrote a letter of evaluation for Elisabeth at one point and may have acquired many of her films for this reason.

Gift from filmmaker. She is a friend and colleage and also wrote an essay for my collection "F is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing," co-edited with Jesse Lerner (University of Minnesota Press, 2006).

Gift from filmmaker. Ellen is a friend and collaborator. I helped a little on this film by holding the puppet/prostheses that stood in for her dog who had died before the shoot was over. Recently I produced a short documentary for Ellen and…

Gift from filmmaker. Fatimah is a friend and colleage and like me, a hyphonate PhD/filmmaker. We shared work and screened each others' films on many occasions.

Gift from filmmaker. Carol is a friend and collaborator who I first met making AIDS activist video. She was also a subject of my documentary Women of Vision. Students love learning about her large oeuvre connecting sex work, feminism, AIDS and…

Gift from filmmaker. Cheryl is a long-time collaborator (we made The Watermelon Woman together). I teach her videos often. She is my ex-partner. Cheryl's work is formative in her documentary/fiction bleed. I taped Body Beautiful onto this tape that…

Gift from filmmaker. Victor was a colleague at the Claremont Colleges. We spoke often about his developing documentary practice. Susan is a friend and colleague. The documentary makes an important intervention into queer and trans history and film by…

Gift from filmmaker, used for teaching and research.

gift from filmmaker for teaching and research.

Gift from filmmaker. Isaac is a friend and colleague. His work on AIDS and black queer representation has been formative to my own production and thinking. I taught this. The poster from the film was used as set decor in The Watermelon Woman.

Gift from filmmaker. Elspeth was a friend and colleague who I met through activist AIDS video, and documentary studies. She died tragically in her 40s. 

Gift from filmmaker. Meema participated in a videomaking workshop that Cheryl taught in the late 80s, and that I also participated in, at Film/Video Arts in NYC. This is an early documentary that played on PBS about kids of gay and lesbian parents.

gift from filmmaker for teaching and research.

Gift from filmmaker. I collaborate often with Todd and his husband, P. David Ebersole, prolific queer filmmakers, writers, directos and producers. Todd and I self-distributed this film with my "Dear Gabe," both works on queer family. Hubby/Wifey is a…

Gift from filmmaker. I collaborate often with Todd and his husband, David, prolific filmmakers, writers, directors and producers. P. David and I were early producers on Cheryl Dunye's HBO film, Stranger Inside.

My work: a short video introducing the themes and families who would be the subject of my feature on feminist queer families, including my own, Dear Gabe. The short premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002. It is about the Jewish babynaming…
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