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Dub for teaching. I used these films often in my first years teaching feminist and women's film. Maybe Women Make Movies or the artists sent them to me for research for Women of Vision.

Gift from filmmaker; I met him working on an activist media project on diversity and identity in the 1990s.

gift from filmmaker. Yvonne is my longtime friend and collaborator. I teach her films frequently in courses on feminist, queer, and documentary film. We co-edited Sisters in the Life: A History of Out African-American Media Making (2018).

Someone gave this to me to teach with, I'm not sure I ever did, and know little about it. At Pitzer, I was a strong champion for both Ethnic Studies and Affirmative Action.

This is a critical contribution to the history of feminist documentary, as it is situated within activist film. It links the women's movement to contemporaneous organizing and thinking about class and race, and understands access to filmmaking and…

Video used for teaching race in documentary.

I taught this film for many years. It felt utterly cutting edge to me, primarily for its no-holds-barred attack on racism from Sandra Bernhard's debased position of whiteness. It's cheeky queerness also felt utterly new in its time.
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