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Gift from filmmaker. Gina taught with me for years at Pitzer College. I love teaching this video by and about Latina girls and the power of media literacy.

Gift from filmmaker. Fatimah is a friend and colleage and like me, a hyphonate PhD/filmmaker. We shared work and screened each others' films on many occasions.

Gift from filmmaker. Ellen is a friend and collaborator. I helped a little on this film by holding the puppet/prostheses that stood in for her dog who had died before the shoot was over. Recently I produced a short documentary for Ellen and…

Gift from filmmaker. Acquired for teaching and research and because I wrote a review letter for her.

Gift from filmmaker. She is a friend and colleage and also wrote an essay for my collection "F is for Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing," co-edited with Jesse Lerner (University of Minnesota Press, 2006).

Gift from filmmaker. I think I wrote a letter of evaluation for Elisabeth at one point and may have acquired many of her films for this reason.

Gift from filmmaker. I worked with Susan on Women of Vision. She gave me these dubs to use as B-roll for my documentary.

Gift from filmmaker. I worked with Susan on my documentary and book, Women of Vision.

Gift from filmmaker. Joan is a fellow activist from LA. The box says "FABULOUS FORESTS: Cameroon/Indonesa Part One" on the top. My guess is that she recorded over the original tape to give me this dub.

I taught these films often in feminist documentary as well as in a course on ethnographic film and autobiography. Myerhoff's self-reflexive, community-situated documentary-making has long been a model for me. I learned about her work from my mentor,…

Gift from artist. The band's front-woman, Martha Gonzalez, is a friend and colleague, and the music video is by my friend and fellow videomaker, Fatimah.

Gift from filmmaker, for research and teaching.

Gift from filmmaker. Elisabeth is a friend, colleague, and queer feminist experimental compatriot. She wrote about this film for the book I co-edited with Jesse Lerner, "F is For Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing" (University of Minnesota…

Acquired for Alexandra Juhasz's doctoral dissertation, which then became her book entitled "AIDS TV." Although initially digitized for Alex's Fall 2018 VHS Archives class, her Spring 2020 VHS Archives class has found particular interest in this…
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