VHS Archives Working Group

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Researching and using analogue archives of vulnerable people


The VHS Archives Working Group brings together scholars, students, librarians, archivists, technologists and community members interested in discussing questions, concerns and best practices about the use, preservation, digitization, and research of VHS collections currently held by organizations, scholars, artists, and activists. Each month a member of the working group will present their archive and the questions, difficulties, surprises, losses and bounty it holds. The group will use each test case as a fertile opportunity to better frame their own video archives, and the broader questions raised by holdings of media nearing format-obsolescence.


CUNY Grad Center, The Center for the Humanities


Anthony Freeman, Tara Mateik, Amy Herzog, Shanti Avignon, Greg Mihalko, Jaime Shearn Coan, Rachel Mattson, Claire Fox, Daniel Flores, Helena Shaskevich, Kyle Croft, Rhea Tapp, Maile Thiesen, Devika Sen, Kat Roberts, Ann Matsuuchi, Michael Henry Grant, Ted Kerr, Jenna Freedman, Jean Carlomusto, Lisa Cohen, Ethel Moore, Erik RIley


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