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Mediathread FAQS

-How do I create my Mediathread account and get signed up?

The Administrator will also add you to this site using the list of emails. An invitation will be send to your email address, and follow its prompts to set up your password

- How do I set up a Mediathread Collector Browser extension?

If using Chrome: Go to: chrome://extensions/

Click "Add more extensions" and search for "Mediathread.

Enable the extension in Chrome, but set the url of the extension as "other" at https://meptest.dartmouth.edu

- How do I get a Mediathread account?

Send your email to a Site adminitrator, who will set you up with a Mediathread account.

- How do I see the Class Videos in Mediathread?

Login to Mediathread link on page https://meptest.dartmouth.edu

Click on top right Guest login

Click on Sandboxes:

In Sandbox list, select VHS Archive

Click on: View Full Collection

The page with Videos will load.

- Who can participate?

While the main work on this site will be done by students enrolled in the Spring 2018 course, the site is open and can be viewed and in some places commented on by interested members of the online community. Furthermore, anyone can add a resource to our collection.

- How do I add a resource to the Mediathread  collection?

Under the about tab there is a pull down list which includes "Contribute an Item." Once contributed it needs to be okayed by a site administrator. We are very open to relevant videos and related resources being added to the site.