Personal Archives: February 7: Bring in documentation or original material from a collection or archive that is personal to you OR present an artist working with the idea of an archive. ungraded

A Video from the Class Collection: February 14: Which video or videos speaks to you. Why? ungraded

Annotation Presentation: February 21: What do you see; what are you looking for? What details will be relevant to later researchers? ungraded

Remix/ReSearch Project: March 7 or 14: Using media or writing from one or more tapes or readings in our collection and other sources, create a video or other work that celebrates, detournes, compiles, updates, or analyzes the ideas in the works. (graded)

Community Partner Presentation: March 28: 

Interim Research Reports: April 11: What shape is your final project taking? How are you making use of the materials, knowledge and analysis of your group and others? Why this form? How is each member of the group participating and contributing? Share a draft, or a problem set. ungraded.

Original Contribution Presentation: April 18

Interim Research Reports (continued): April 25: Present materials you have collected that draw out larger context for your tape. Present research sources (and add it to class website) your group has found so far. Sources consists of available writing about the piece and its milieu, writing about the themes of the piece in mainstream, academic, community or popular press. Present screenings of related tapes (can be transferred into the collection). ungraded

 Final Project: May 9: graded

The goal of this class is to demonstrate how documentary material from the past in a nearly obsolete format can be re-used, re-mixed, and re-interpreted to be of use to contemporary audiences and communities. Some of your work on the class collection will be public and exhibited online, thereby extending its use. Some of your work will be live, in communities. Your final project will be some organic mix of live and digital, and should be documented in an exhibit on the class site.

Projects must also include materials that will be added to the class archive: written research, project documentation, videos, readings, etc.