VHS Archives

PIMA 7020G Artistic Process in Contemporary Community /  

FILM7032G Special Topics in Film History

Weds:9:30-1:10 Feirstein School of Cinema, Spring 2018

Lecture Hall 2 and Lab: 514


Alexandra Juhasz:

Office Hours: Thursdays 1-2 (Feirstein); Tuesdays 2-3 (Brooklyn College, WEB)

 Jennifer McCoy:

Office Hours: Mondays 1pm-2pm, 5144 Boylan and by appointment

 Course Description

Spring 2018: This cross disciplinary course, “VHS Archives,” considers how to store, transfer, share, research, and reactivate media collections facing obsolescence.  Theories and practices of media and digital archives and queer and feminist media will undergird close interaction with 12 VHS AIDS activist videotapes culled from Professor Alexandra Juhasz’s larger (300+) research and activist collection, focusing on women, AIDS and sexuality, a digitized corpus from which students will research and build new resources, including original interviews, writing about historical context, media analysis, community-based and interactive media programming, and creative praxis.

 Course Objectives


Course Requirements

Grading Rubric and Values

            Presentations 5, ungraded: 20%

            ReMix/ReSearch: 20%

            Final Project: 50%

            Participation: 10%

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