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Gift from fellow professor interested in fake docs and Korean and women's cinema.

gift from filmmaker for teaching and research.

Gift from filmmaker. Barbara is a friend and colleage. She was one of the subjects of my book and documentary on feminist film history, Women of Vision. Over a long career in filmmaking, Barbara explored many styles and theories that woud allow her…

gift from filmmaker. Yvonne is my longtime friend and collaborator. I teach her films frequently in courses on feminist, queer, and documentary film. We co-edited Sisters in the Life: A History of Out African-American Media Making (2018).

Gift from filmmaker. Vanalyne is a friend and colleague. She was a subject of my documentary Women of Vision and would have given this to me to use for b-roll and teaching.

Gift from filmmaker. Acquired for teaching and research and because I wrote a review letter for her.

Gift from filmmaker. Joan is a fellow activist from LA. The box says "FABULOUS FORESTS: Cameroon/Indonesa Part One" on the top. My guess is that she recorded over the original tape to give me this dub.
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