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Gift from filmmaker. Alisa is a longtime friend and collaborator who I met making AIDS activist video. We co-authored the Blackwell Anthology on Contemporary Documentary together many years later, and recently co-penned the manifesto "Beyond Story"…

Gift from filmmaker. Barbara was a friend and colleague, inspiration and radical. A lesbian experimental filmmaker, teacher, and activist, she made work for decades, as queer, lesbian, feminist, and AIDS activism transformed. She was a subject of my…

Gift from filmmaker. Cheryl is a long-time collaborator (we made The Watermelon Woman together). I teach her videos often. She is my ex-partner. Cheryl's work is formative in her documentary/fiction bleed. I taped Body Beautiful onto this tape that…

I used these for teaching, no idea where or how I got them. But at the time, they were very hip interventions into queer and feminist filmmaking.Ladies & Gentlemen [00:00 - 02:56] Created by Laura LarsonGilda Made Easy [03:10 - 07:25] Created by…

Acquired as research for Women of Vision from the distributors. I also used this film for classes in women's and feminist films. Yvonne was my teacher at the Whitney Program in the 1980s. She can be seen in the 4+ hours of research footage I shot for…

Gift from filmmaker. Vanalyne is a friend and colleague. She was a subject of my documentary Women of Vision and would have given this to me to use for b-roll and teaching.

Gift from filmmaker. I knew Jennifer in the early 90s and taught this important film at that time. The interaction between experimental filmmaking and documentary in her work is compelling.

Gift from filmmaker. Michelle is a friend and colleague and was one of the subjects of my documentary Women of Vision, she gave me copies of her work to use as b-roll.

Gift from filmmaker. Elisabeth is a friend, colleague, and queer feminist experimental compatriot. She wrote about this film for the book I co-edited with Jesse Lerner, "F is For Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing" (University of Minnesota…

Acquired for research for my doctoral dissertation, then monograph, AIDS TV. Digitized for my VHS Archives class, Fall 2018.
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