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Used for teaching a class on American indie cinema.

Purchased for teaching. I taught often with this collection.

Acquired as research for Women of Vision from the distributors. Yvonne was my teacher at the Whitney Independent Studio Program and a role model for a life as a feminist queer artist, as well as for her conceptual inspiration.

Acquired as research for Women of Vision from the distributors. I also used this film for classes in women's and feminist films. Yvonne was my teacher at the Whitney Program in the 1980s. She can be seen in the 4+ hours of research footage I shot for…

Gift from filmmaker. Michelle is a friend and colleague and was one of the subjects of my documentary Women of Vision, she gave me copies of her work to use as b-roll.

Gift from filmmaker. I believe I acquired many of Charlene's films when I wrote an evaluation letter for her. I also knew her from Philly when I was making "The Watermelon Woman." She acted in some of the photos for the Fae Richards Archive.

Gift from artist. The band's front-woman, Martha Gonzalez, is a friend and colleague, and the music video is by my friend and fellow videomaker, Fatimah.

Gift from filmmaker. Enid was a frequent collaborator as an editor and artist, and one of my favorite video artists of the 1990s. She edited my documentaries, Dear Gabe and Video Remains. She continues making art that links to the sciences focusing…

Gift from filmmaker Susan Mogul. She was one of the subjects of my documentary, Women of Vision, and I also brought her often to Pitzer college to screen her tapes. She became a colleague and friend.

I taught this film for many years. It felt utterly cutting edge to me, primarily for its no-holds-barred attack on racism from Sandra Bernhard's debased position of whiteness. It's cheeky queerness also felt utterly new in its time.
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