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One of three documentaries I made for GMHC's "Living with AIDS" cable tv show. All three exhibit a sustained commitment to an "intersectional" approach to understanding and representing the AIDS crisis when considering the experiences of women.

Made as part of the WAVE project: clips from the various excercises we did to learn how to make video, and learn more about AIDS and each other.

gift from filmmaker, used for teaching and research.

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Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV." Made by my friend and colleague, Juanita Mohammed Sczepanski for GMHC's Living with AIDS Show. I continue to work with Juanita, and recently included her in Compulsive…

Gift from filmmaker. I worked with Susan on Women of Vision. She gave me these dubs to use as B-roll for my documentary.

Gift from filmmaker. Acquired for teaching and research and because I wrote a review letter for her.

Gift from filmmaker. I collaborate often with Todd and his husband, P. David Ebersole, prolific queer filmmakers, writers, directos and producers. Todd and I self-distributed this film with my "Dear Gabe," both works on queer family. Hubby/Wifey is a…

Gift from filmmaker. I worked with Susan on my documentary and book, Women of Vision.

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV.A portrait of a mother taking care of her son who has been diagnosed with AIDS. Voiceover interview recorded on May 19th, 1988 at the Brooklyn AIDS Task Force in honor of…

Gift from filmmaker. Yvonne is my longtime friend and collaborator. I teach her films frequently in courses on feminist, queer, and documentary film. She was one of the subjects for my project, Women of Vision. Later yet we co-edited the scholarly…

Gift from filmmaker. Carol is a friend and collaborator who I first met making AIDS activist video. She was also a subject of my documentary Women of Vision. Students love learning about her large oeuvre connecting sex work, feminism, AIDS and…

My work: a short video introducing the themes and families who would be the subject of my feature on feminist queer families, including my own, Dear Gabe. The short premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002. It is about the Jewish babynaming…

gift from filmmaker for teaching and research.

Gift from filmmaker. Meema participated in a videomaking workshop that Cheryl taught in the late 80s, and that I also participated in, at Film/Video Arts in NYC. This is an early documentary that played on PBS about kids of gay and lesbian parents.

Gift from filmmaker Susan Mogul. She was one of the subjects of my documentary, Women of Vision, and I also brought her often to Pitzer college to screen her tapes. She became a colleague and friend.

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV. Amber was my friend and colleague and fellow AIDS activist videomaker. We were working on representing women and AIDS early in the life of the epidemic within a feminist and…

Gift from filmmaker. Alisa is a longtime friend and collaborator who I met making AIDS activist video. We co-authored the Blackwell Anthology on Contemporary Documentary together many years later, and recently co-penned the manifesto "Beyond Story"…

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV." Made by my friends and compatriots in the AIDS activist video collective, Testing the Limits, many of who were in the Whitney ISP program before me.
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