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One of three documentaries I made for GMHC's "Living with AIDS" cable tv show. All three exhibit a sustained commitment to an "intersectional" approach to understanding and representing the AIDS crisis when considering the experiences of women.

Gift from filmmaker. Enid was a frequent collaborator as an editor and artist, and one of my favorite video artists of the 1990s. She edited my documentaries, Dear Gabe and Video Remains. She continues making art that links to the sciences focusing…

Gift from filmmaker Susan Mogul. She was one of the subjects of my documentary, Women of Vision, and I also brought her often to Pitzer college to screen her tapes. She became a colleague and friend.

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, and then monograph, "AIDS TV." Made by my friends and compatriots in the AIDS activist video collective, Testing the Limits, many of who were in the Whitney ISP program before me.

Gift from the filmmaker. We went to the Whitney Indepdenent Studio together in the 1980s and I brought her to Pitzer in the early 2000s to show her work. I follow her current work on immigration and the environment.

I taught this film for many years. It felt utterly cutting edge to me, primarily for its no-holds-barred attack on racism from Sandra Bernhard's debased position of whiteness. It's cheeky queerness also felt utterly new in its time.

This is a critical contribution to the history of feminist documentary, as it is situated within activist film. It links the women's movement to contemporaneous organizing and thinking about class and race, and understands access to filmmaking and…

This dub was a gift to me from another Professor at Pitzer so that I could use it to teach women's and feminist film. Not sure I ever did.

I teach this film in feminist documentary because of its groudbreaking integration of documetary and fiction as well as for Gomez's important role as a woman filmmaker within Third cinema.

Dub of VHS filmed from 16mm print projected on a wall. I taught this film frequently in feminist film classes.

Gift from filmmaker. Elisabeth is a friend, colleague, and queer feminist experimental compatriot. She wrote about this film for the book I co-edited with Jesse Lerner, "F is For Phony: Fake Documentary and Truth's Undoing" (University of Minnesota…

Gift from filmmaker, for research and teaching.

Gift from artist. The band's front-woman, Martha Gonzalez, is a friend and colleague, and the music video is by my friend and fellow videomaker, Fatimah.

I taught these films often in feminist documentary as well as in a course on ethnographic film and autobiography. Myerhoff's self-reflexive, community-situated documentary-making has long been a model for me. I learned about her work from my mentor,…

Gift from filmmaker. I worked with Susan on my documentary and book, Women of Vision.

Gift from filmmaker. I worked with Susan on Women of Vision. She gave me these dubs to use as B-roll for my documentary.

Gift from filmmaker. Fatimah is a friend and colleage and like me, a hyphonate PhD/filmmaker. We shared work and screened each others' films on many occasions.

Dub for teaching. I used these films often in my first years teaching feminist and women's film. Maybe Women Make Movies or the artists sent them to me for research for Women of Vision.

Gift from filmmaker. Gina taught with me for years at Pitzer College. I love teaching this video by and about Latina girls and the power of media literacy.

Dub for teaching. I taught with this video early on. An important intervention in feminist media analysis and art video.

Dub for research for Women of Vision acquired from distributor. I taped over a video with a box label reading: Riverside Art-4, Fall 97, Jacob Lind, which led to some initial confusion when the Brooklyn College Librarians and I were trying to make…

Dub for teaching. Amazing resource about consciousness-raising and its relation to video. Powerful to this day in its forthright conversation about women's sexuality. Minor Altercation is also on this tape. One of the first narrative films directed…

Gift from filmmaker. Carol is a friend and collaborator who I first met making AIDS activist video. She was also a subject of my documentary Women of Vision. Students love learning about her large oeuvre connecting sex work, feminism, AIDS and…

Carolee was one of the subjects of Women of Vision. She gave this and other tapes of her film and video work to me for B-roll. I recently re-interviewed her when she had a major retrospective in NYC at PS1. I went to her house upstate and had a…

Gift from filmmaker. I knew Jennifer in the early 90s and taught this important film at that time. The interaction between experimental filmmaking and documentary in her work is compelling.

Gift from filmmaker. Vanalyne is a friend and colleague. She was a subject of my documentary Women of Vision and would have given this to me to use for b-roll and teaching.

Acquired as research for Women of Vision from the distributors. I also used this film for classes in women's and feminist films. Yvonne was my teacher at the Whitney Program in the 1980s. She can be seen in the 4+ hours of research footage I shot for…

Acquired as research for Women of Vision from the distributors. Yvonne was my teacher at the Whitney Independent Studio Program and a role model for a life as a feminist queer artist, as well as for her conceptual inspiration.

I used these for teaching, no idea where or how I got them. But at the time, they were very hip interventions into queer and feminist filmmaking.Ladies & Gentlemen [00:00 - 02:56] Created by Laura LarsonGilda Made Easy [03:10 - 07:25] Created by…

Purchased for teaching. I taught often with this collection.

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Purchased for teaching. I taught often with this invaluable several-boxed collection from Video Databank which is currently unavailable.

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Purchased for teaching. I taught often with this invaluable multi-boxed collection from Video Databank which is currently unavailable.

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Purchased for teaching. I taught often with this collection at Pitzer College. It's a large compliation of the history of feminist video art.

Gift from filmmaker. Cheryl is a long-time collaborator (we made The Watermelon Woman together). I teach her videos often. She is my ex-partner. Cheryl's work is formative in her documentary/fiction bleed. I taped Body Beautiful onto this tape that…

Gift from filmmaker. Barbara was a friend and colleague, inspiration and radical. A lesbian experimental filmmaker, teacher, and activist, she made work for decades, as queer, lesbian, feminist, and AIDS activism transformed. She was a subject of my…

Gift from filmmaker. Victor was a colleague at the Claremont Colleges. We spoke often about his developing documentary practice. Susan is a friend and colleague. The documentary makes an important intervention into queer and trans history and film by…

I was in this porno with Cheryl made by our friend Shu Lea Cheang. Because I was just starting in my first job as a professor, I asked to not be identifable. We screened it as part of the inter-generational programming, Collective Visions: The Past,…

gift from filmmaker. Yvonne is my longtime friend and collaborator. I teach her films frequently in courses on feminist, queer, and documentary film. We co-edited Sisters in the Life: A History of Out African-American Media Making (2018).

Gift from filmmaker. Barbara is a friend and colleage. She was one of the subjects of my book and documentary on feminist film history, Women of Vision. Over a long career in filmmaking, Barbara explored many styles and theories that woud allow her…

Gift from filmmaker. Alisa is a longtime friend and collaborator who I met making AIDS activist video. We co-authored the Blackwell Anthology on Contemporary Documentary together many years later, and recently co-penned the manifesto "Beyond Story"…

Gift from filmmaker. Elspeth was a friend and colleague who I met through activist AIDS video, and documentary studies. She died tragically in her 40s. 

Gift from filmmaker. Meema participated in a videomaking workshop that Cheryl taught in the late 80s, and that I also participated in, at Film/Video Arts in NYC. This is an early documentary that played on PBS about kids of gay and lesbian parents.

gift from filmmaker for teaching and research.

Dubs for teaching. I teach these videos all the time. Clarke's because she invents a powerful and early method to let people express themselves on video, Kuchar because his diary films are beautiful, funny, smart, poignant, and edited with amazing…

Acquired for research for my doctoral disseration, then monograph, AIDS TV. Amber was my friend and colleague and fellow AIDS activist videomaker. We were working on representing women and AIDS early in the life of the epidemic within a feminist and…

My work: a short video introducing the themes and families who would be the subject of my feature on feminist queer families, including my own, Dear Gabe. The short premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002. It is about the Jewish babynaming…

Made with a feminist activist video collective of my students at Swarthmore College. We were interested in what seems the perennial problem: why young women do not identify as "feminist" and why they should!

Short videos made as part of the WAVE project which worked in an AIDS video collective to tell stories of urban women of color impacted by AIDS. The project is the subject of the final auto-ethnographic chapter of my disseration, AIDS TV. Digitized…
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